ERK Process and Heat Equipment Industry and Trade Inc. In line with its experienced engineer staff and innovative vision, it carries out the thermal and mechanical design studies of heat exchangers that require shell and tube heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers, economizers and many other standard types or tailor-made manufacturing in accordance with international standards.



Thermal and Mechanical Design Services

ERK with its expert engineering staff, performs all thermal and mechanical design calculations of the pressure vessels and heat exchanger equipment you need in your facility according to international standards.

Electricity and Automation Services

ERK offers automation solutions in all its products in order to facilitate the traceability of all process equipment and to ensure equipment and field safety as a necessity of today's world.

Turnkey Project Services

ERK carries out turnkey projects under your control at all stages of the project, such as field explorations, producing the appropriate solution and creating the specifications.

Technical Consultancy Services

ERK offers consultancy services in your new investments or productivity increase projects, choosing suitable products for the project, determining thermal and mechanical design criteria in appropriate standards, product supply, quality control and manufacturing suitability and many other areas.

Field Exploration Services

ERK with its expert technicians and engineers team, offers solutions to your needs for exploration and idea acquisition in the field as soon as possible, and your demands regarding processes and equipment at the specified location. Please contact us for details and to take advantage of our field exploration service.

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